Cindi Schulz


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This is my 23rd year at Pfizer (Alanex --> Agouron --> Warner Lambert --> Pfizer).  I manage the solid proprietary and reagent compound workflows for the La Jolla site, and also partner with global Pfizer and CRO partners to facilitate compound workflows from synthesis to screen to data.  Basically, everything in the compound synthesis and submission of analogs into the screening cascade process at the La Jolla site (as well as interfacing with CROs and oncology projects co-located at other Pfizer sites) is my scope of work. My area of expertise and scope of work include:  solid compound management workflows and logistics, coordination of solid to liquid (solubilized sample logistics) submission for oncology projects, data management/analytics/cycle time analysis, international and domestic compound shipments and harmonized tariff code assignments, informatic tool development, building/testing of compound management applications (proprietary and customized externally developed tools), and all compound management related functions from compound synthesis through the acquisition of data.   Additionally, I oversee the commercial reagent inventory for the LJ site (over 85K reagents), which includes a closed access on-line reagent inventory request and commercial ordering software system for procurement of commercially purchased reagents, internal registration, and on-site usage by chemists.