Dr. Sammy Datwani

SSD Advisors, LLC

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I am a highly self-motivated R&D Engineering professional with extensive leadership experience gained through a series of progressively responsible positions.  I am a thought leader and accomplished team builder who has demonstrated the ability to develop strong working relationships and to promote highly effective teamwork within cross-functional groups and across multi-national companies.  I have led key operations and have honed my commercial savvy which has been critical to driving successful exits and providing deal due diligence.  I am a results-oriented chemical and biomolecular engineer with an in-depth understanding of instrumentation, fluid mechanics, interfacial transport phenomena, systems integration, heat transport, membrane transport, laboratory automation, genomics, proteomics, single-cell analysis, NGS, microfabrication, MEMS, thin film processes, emulsion systems, multiphase systems, materials, colloidal science and surface chemistry.  I have expertise in micro and nano-fluidics, physical chemistry, polymer science, plastics injection molding, electrostatics, electrokinetics, detection, particle characterization, optics, analytical chemistry, mass transport of protein and surfactant systems, mathematical modeling, microarraying, self assembly and the development of life science tools and microfluidic devices with patents and patent applications filed in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.  I have over twenty years of experience leading, managing and applying cutting edge research, development and engineering in the biotechnology industry to deliver life science tools and microdevices to advance human health.