Dr. Emilio Diez Monedero, Ph.D.

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  • I have been involved with SLAS and former SBS since its inception back in 1992. I have served as a volunteer to SLAS in multiple roles, including SBS Board of Directors, SLAS European Council, JBS Editorial Board, Conferences, etc. I co-chaired the first SLAS European Conference and Exhibition in Brussels in 2018, and I am currently serving in the Board of Directors (2018-2020), I will be President of SLAS during 2020.
  • During all these years of volunteer service to SLAS I have participated in many of the challenges and changes that our Society has experienced. One of the areas that I have always been involved is in the internationalization of the SLAS, making it a true Global Organization, an area where I believe there is still much to do.
  • My professional background is made up of Academic Research early on in my career, followed by many years in R&D in the Pharma Industry. Currently, I am involved in the interface between Academia and Industry collaborating in multiple initiatives, for-profit, and non-for profit.
  • From a personal perspective, I am happily married to Isabel, and we have two fabulous sons (Daniel and Jaime) that now have left the nest and are flying on their own. I enjoy travelling, hiking and the rich cultural life in Madrid, as well as in other places when possible.  We enjoy very much the time with our large family and friends, and although we live in a small town near Madrid, we like to spend time in the south coast of Spain during the summer and in the Pyrenees all year round.