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Open Call for Guests for the SLAS New Matter Podcast!

  • 1.  Open Call for Guests for the SLAS New Matter Podcast!

    Posted 10-12-2023 03:18 PM

    Hello everyone,

    We are seeking guests for new episodes of the SLAS New Matter podcast, hosted by SLAS Scientific Manager Hannah Rosen, Ph.D., for October through December!

    We don't require our guests to be professional speakers or have a high-tech audio setup to be a guest on the podcast. All we ask of our guests is 20-45 minutes to record an interview-style episode.

    Not only do our guests share their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic with the SLAS community, but our guests benefit from:

    • Being heard by a global audience of scientists
    • Spotlighting their research, technology, and/or stories
    • Featured episode promotion across SLAS social media and other marketing channels

    See which series listed below that YOU find most interesting that YOU would like to be a guest for:

    • Career Development
      This series is popular amongst our students and early career scientists. Discussion topics typically involve our guests sharing their own career stories on how they got where they are today and the kind of advice they wish someone told them early on.
      Listen to a sample: "What next?" Disease - Career Trajectories with Mahrukh Banday, Ph.D.
    • Innovative Technologies
      This series is perfect for highlighting the latest developments in new and emerging technology. The guest and host will discuss a particular type of laboratory automation and screening technology that provides new solutions to existing issues. Guests have the opportunity to spotlight their own company's contributions to issues with their innovative technology.
      Listen to a sampleOrgan-on-Chip Technology | Innovative New Technology with Daniel Levner, Ph.D.

    • Teaching Series
      Part of our mission at SLAS is to transform research, which is why we invite subject matter experts to lead a discussion on a topic that they are vastly knowledgeable in to educate our listeners. Our host will develop a series of engaging questions for the guest to provide informative, insightful answers.
      Listen to a sample: The State of What Is - A Lesson in Mass Spectrometry with Michelle Dubuke, Ph.D.

    • Innovators in the Field
      This series is focused on highlighting the real-world applications of automation and screening technologies. Guests are welcome to share their recollections or stories on the process of developing a product, what it's like getting clinical approval for a new technique, the potential media attention that surrounds it, and more.
      Listen to a sample: Pig-to-Human Heart Transplant | Fighting Infectious Diseases with Sivan Bercovici, Ph.D.

    • Accessibility in the Lab
      This series explores different areas of accessibility throughout education and the workforce, along with the necessary conversations about the topic. If you're interested in spreading awareness of the importance of accessibility in the lab, we want to talk to you! Examples include visual, motor/mobility, auditory, mental health, learning/cognitive, DE&I, or other accessibility challenges and solutions.
      Listen to a sample: Design Lab Spaces for DEI with Marilee Lloyd, AIA

    If you're interested in being a guest, simply reply to this post or contact me directly at We look forward to hearing your voice on a future episode of New Matter!

    Devin Stone
    Marketing Coordinator
    Oak Brook IL