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Polish Community meet-up in 2023

  • 1.  Polish Community meet-up in 2023

    Posted 09-18-2022 04:11 AM

    Dear SLAS-PL community,

    We would like to introduce to you SLAS space dedicated specifically for Polish researchers, companies and entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers. SLAS-PL is a community of students and professionals where research scientists, company representatives and entrepreneurs can share their projects ideas, achievements and problems in the area of assay development and high throughput screening in the fields of molecular  research and drug discovery.

    Goals around which we want to build this community are presented below:

    • Build a thriving community in Poland around SLAS-related topics
    • Encourage participation of young researchers and help building professional network from early stage of careers
    • Create a space for Polish community to share help, ideas and resources to advance research in drug discovery and lab automation

    To start advancing on these goals, in April 2023 we would like to organize the next working meeting of the group where we will be offering an opportunity for early career researchers to share ideas, to form new networks and initiate new collaborations even outside their research areas. To support this effort the meeting will consist of a keynote presentation; followed by brief presentations by  researchers highlighting their research interests. There will also be a chance for start-ups to pitch their ideas with the chance to win sponsorship to attend the Innovation AveNEW  at SLAS European Conference 2023 (Brussels, 22-26 May 2023) with a chance to gain exposure to a wider European and international audience. Likewise, students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates and junior faculty (less than four years in first academic appointment) participating in the event may opt for one of the SLAS Tony B. Awards.

    We are looking for members who are eager to actively participate and contribute the following to our community:

    • Expertise in drug discovery and development including target identification and molecular research, high throughput screening and precision medicine, as well as lab automation, data analysis and computational sciences
    • Willingness to share knowledge about logistics and access to research resources within Poland
    • Expertise in building a company in Poland in the areas of drug discovery and lab automation

    If you have any questions, remarks or you would like to actively help in this initiative please reach out to us!

    Magda, Alex and Maciej

    Maciej Grajewski
    SG Papertronics B.V.